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Spok General Services Administration (GSA) Contract

Advanced Wireless Personal Messaging Equipment and Services (Paging) for Federal Agencies Nationwide. Messaging equipment and services are for One-Way immediate response paging, Two-Way immediate response and “store and forward” messaging and Assured Delivery messaging

Formats shall include numeric and alpha-numeric text, voicemail, and email messaging. These services shall include purchase and lease of messaging equipment, training, customer support, maintenance, add-on services, direct ordering and billing, and consolidation of requirements. Messaging services must incorporate use of small, highly portable personal messaging devices using commercially available off-the-shelf batteries or rechargeable power cells.

Messaging services will provide the capability to generate messages and receive replies via the Internet and personal computing devices using modems or other interfaces to access the Public Switched Telephone Network. Systems shall integrate both One-Way and Two-Way paging networks for delivery of messages.

Nationwide Paging Contract for Advanced Wireless Personal Communications Equipment and Services

GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-0262T 
Indefinite Delivery (ID), Multiple Award GSA Schedule.

GSA Contract Term: 
Awarded by GSA, FSS/IT Acquisition Center, Arlington, VA on February 6, 2007 for a five (5) year base and renewable for three (3) five-year Government renewal options.

GSA End User License Agreement

Per GSA ORDER ADM 4800.2E, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services, qualified buyers against the GSA contract include:

  • All federal agencies nationwide; including Wholly owned and mixed-ownership Government corporations.
  • The District of Columbia.
  • The Senate and House of Representatives, and activities under the Architect of the Capitol.
  • All tribal governments nationwide, as authorized by law.
  • Authorized federal contractors nationwide.
  • Agency-sponsored universities and laboratories nationwide.
  • Non-Federal firefighting organizations cooperating with the Forest Service.
  • International Organizations such as American Red Cross, United Nations, NATO, others.

Visit the GSA website for additional information regarding this contract.

Spok Blank Purchase Agreement

On August 1, 2011, Spok (formerly USA Mobility), the Army Contracting Command Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACCAPG) Desert Division, at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona along with the U.S. Air Force and Integrated Infrastructure & Telecommunications Services (I2TS) established the Following BPA agreement number W91RUS-11-A-0010 for Wireless Data Telecommunications Equipment and Associated Services.

This BPA is entered into under the auspices of the Department of Defense Wireless Strategic Sourcing Initiative.


Issued By:
2133 Cushing , Bldg. 61801, Room 3212
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613

BPA Contract Type:
Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ),
Fixed Price Contract to include the following terms and conditions (FAR Part 13.05(c) and Part 12 apply).

BPA Contract Term:
BPA will expire five years from date of signature (August 1, 2011).
BPA Term has been extended until July 31, 2022

BPA Contract Scope:
Standard Spok products and airtimes services as listed in the BPA. Any and all future wireless products and services will be available upon contract modification of this BPA.

All U.S. Army/U.S. Air Force/Integrated Infrastructure & Telecommunications Services
All Department of Defense authorized purchasers
Any Government GPC holder or buyer
DOD Government Contractors
DOD Telecommunications Services Control Officer (TSCOs) within the National Capital Region (NCR)

  • Delivery Order against a contract — not a Purchase Order against a schedule.
  • Contract meets all CICA (Competition in Contracting Act) requirements. Does not require further competition.
  • Discounted pricing is based on commercial pricing, and since the rates as offered are equal to or less than the rates as offered to the general public, the pricing upon which this BPA is based is determined to be fair and reasonable.

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