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My Account

My Account is the faster, more convenient way to manage your wireless messaging account. Access your account, statements, payments, update your information, and much more. Plus, access My Send a Message, your personal messaging console.

Features and benefits of My Account

  • Check your account balance, make a payment, and review your payment history
  • Reprint your latest invoice, view the details online, or download an invoice report
  • Review and update your account information
  • Order an additional device, a replacement device, or a spare device
  • Activate a replacement device or a spare device
  • View device details or modify device reference information
  • Add or modify the features on your device
  • Message Forward
  • Message Carbon Copy (Message CC®)
  • Multi-Messenger® Group Paging
  • View a coverage map, send a test page, or reset your voicemail passcode
  • Ask a question or request service modification via email

Message Forward

With Message Forward you have the ability to automatically forward incoming messages to another pager in the Spok network or to any email address.

*Please note that when Message Forward is activated, the pager will no longer receive messages until the Message Forward service is deactivated.

Contact support for more information on how you can stay connected with Message Forward.

Message Carbon Copy (Message CC:®)

Through My Account, Message CC: customers now have the ability to copy messages to one pager and up to two email addresses.

*Please note that if you activate Message Forward and the unit has Message CC:, Message CC: will be deactivated until Message Forward is turned off.

Multi-Messenger® Group Paging

The Multi-Messenger Group Management allows you to:

  • View and modify existing Multi-Messenger groups
  • Set up new Multi-Messenger Groups
  • Delete Multi-Messenger Groups

Contact support to activate this feature and begin benefiting from the efficiency and flexibility that Multi-Messenger Group Management offers.


Customers can benefit by using the My Account application to manage their one-way and two-way pagers (not cellular phones). At this time, individual and small business customers can enroll in My Account. Other customers should contact the customer service number listed on their invoice for registration assistance.

My Send a Message

My Send a Message is a complimentary personal messaging console designed to make it easy for you to create and maintain an address book for individual and group messaging. You can access My Send a Message on the My Account login page.

Advantages of My Send a Message

My Send a Message takes paging to a new level of administration and organization. You can set up personal address books and messaging preferences that aren’t accessible to others. Departments can also use a centralized address book and uniform messaging preferences that you can access from various locations and terminals around your facility.

Key features and benefits

  • Maintain personal and departmental address books
  • Set preferences for message delivery
  • Message delivery and read notifications (two-way only)
  • Retain email copies of every page sent (for two-way, copies of responses as well)
  • Send messages to any Spok subscriber